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National Boating Association of Maldives (NBAM) has represented the boating sector of the tourism industry of Maldives since our formation in 2007 (formerly known as Liveaboard Association of Maldives). Our goal is to bring all the stakeholders in the industry together so we can jointly promote and grow the industry in a sustainable manner, conduct safety and training programs relevant to the industry, lobby with government and corporations on behalf of the industry, and focus on other development aspects related to the industry.



Our association's exhibition, Maldives Marine Expo, is the largest marine related event in the Maldives which brings together various local and international exhibitors together to showcase products and services which assist in developing the industry. To recognize and celebrate the industry's participants who have shown exceptional performance and contribution we host the Maldives Boating Awards event. For promotion of the boating industry, we have an official publication called Boating Maldives which we are further trying to develop. Moreover, in 2021 we have launched a nationwide safety awareness campaign; Life Jacket - Wear It." Furthermore, we have some remarkable insurance policies exclusively for NBAM members from Allied.

Our Mission

NBAM's mission is to develop and promote the boating industry of the Maldives.

Our Objectives

NBAM continues to work on all areas relating to the boating industry of Maldives. The association's work is mainly focusing on the development of the industry and also the marketing and promotion of the industry.

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