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Diesel & Motor Engineering Plc

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As you browse our website, you will undoubtedly discover an array of trusted globally recognized brands with their impressive products that we serve to the Sri Lankan market; the initiatives we have undertaken in fuelling the dreams and aspirations of the communities we serve in; our work to enhance the living standards of people and sustain the environment in which we all share; our commitment to all our stakeholders; our dedication in introducing pioneering technology and innovation to build a better future; the exceptional services we have instigated that is the backbone of our culture; and the financial return we offer to our shareholders.

All-in-all, this website is a reflection of the comprehensive nature of our business. Our website is structured to make it easy for you to find the information you want, the products you need and the services you desire while telling you our story-who we are and what we do. We humbly recognize the respect and the trust we have earned over the years by the local and international community. I am confident you will appreciate our dynamic history, our notable achievements and our drive to deliver PERFECTION that makes us your perfect partner as we move forward towards a bright and sustainable future.
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65, Jetawana Road Colombo 14
Jetawana Road
Sri Lanka
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General Marine Equipment Supplier
Aloka Amarasiri
Assistant Marketing Manager
Tharindu Mohotti
Service Engineer

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