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Blue Horizon Pvt Ltd

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Whenever you gaze at the horizon on a fine Maldivian day, you will see a tranquil Blue Horizon. The sun looks to shine on your face, the earth to feel your bare feet, wind to play with your hair, the sea to whisper in your ears and we, Blue Horizon to serve you to enjoy.

We are here to make your dream holiday a reality. Whether you are visiting Maldives to get away from the stress of life, cold and dull climate in order to enjoy the warmth of Maldivian sun and the tranquility of Blue Maldives Horizon, we are here to serve you.

Blue Horizon management has over 20 years experience in travel and tourism industry and is registered with Ministry of Tourism and Maldives Tourism Promotion Board. We can arrange your holiday in a private island, a resort, hotels and yachts for a relaxation and wellness holiday, honeymoon or anniversary or for an adventure and action filled with scuba diving, sport fishing, cruising and surfing holiday.
Company Reg: C-0025/1994

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Bolisssifaru 2nd Floor
Orchid Magu
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Sailing Yacht
Ahmed Zubair Adam
Managing Director
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Ameer Abbas
Operaions Manager
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Horizon 2

0.00 meters
12.00 knots
14 pax
6 cabins
Fact Sheet N/A
Deck Plans N/A

Horizon II is a type of yacht that is rarely seen in Maldives today, it is a traditionally built wooden yacht that is perfect for a family or a small group. It is the agile adventurer that will take you to the most remote locations of the Maldives, where you can enjoy the secluded beaches and waters of the Maldives.
Whahira, a wooden dhoni (smaller diving boat) accompanies Horizon II on her trips to make the diving experience more comfortable and to take you to the surfing locations where a larger boat just cannot enter.
Ideal for groups, families, friends or individuals, Horizon II is an affordable boat which give you a maximum of flexibility.

Horizon III (The Ocean Oasis)

34.00 meters
0.00 knots
24 pax
12 cabins
Fact Sheet N/A
Deck Plans N/A

Horizon III is a top quality boat which focuses on Quality dive and the safety aspects. We do diving Charters in the Maldives. A twin engine yacht, with 12 Cabins that can accommodate 22 to 24 Divers, with restaurant, bar- fully provided with favorite drinks, spa, and sun deck. We have 4 experienced dive masters on board including a dive instructor (Local, German speaker). Our average ratio is 1 dive master for 6 divers.
Dive pristine reefs, explore beautiful caves and overhangs covered with soft corals, colorful sponges, invertebrates and gorgonian fans, and experience thrilling shark dives in some of the best areas to see hammerheads and grey reef sharks. We choose one of the best dives sites in the Maldives. For Deep Southern part of Maldives, we teamed up with Dive into Live who shared their experience of Liveaboard Diving in Deep south on Horizon III.

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