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Yacht Maldives by Grand Italia Pvt Ltd

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Our company, Grand Italia Pvt Ltd, operates two tourist vessels, Over Reef and Stella 1, and it is an NBAM Member since the last year.
We have seen on the media that the new NBAM's Board met the Minister of Tourism on 3rd January.
We hope that the new Board has taken the opportunity to forward to the Minister the concern of the local safari industry about the increasing number of foreign yachts conducting charters in the Maldives.
More than 50 foreign boats of any size and category are currently in the Maldives (attached list) and authorized by the Ministry to conduct charters in competition with the local yachts/safari operators.
Especially during the pandemic, we believe that foreign boats below 30 meters should be permitted to enter the Maldivian waters only with the purpose of visiting the country, without permission to conduct any kind of business activity. Most of the locally registered boats and liveaboards are in fact within this category.
A limited number of passengers should be imposed by the local authorities at the port of entry, and only the said passengers should be permitted to visit the country aboard the vessel during its whole stay in the Maldivian waters.
Below are some further considerations regarding the present differences between local and foreign boats in conducting charters within the Maldivian waters.
Company Reg: C-0479/2010

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