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Maldives lavishes beauty and life. If on the surface we are fascinated by its sea of crystalline waters and turquoise colors, underneath it is hidden an extensive coral reef where we can discover great variety of marine fauna. From the large pelagics that take advantage of the canals that are created between two islands, such as gray sharks, tiger, black tips or sea eagles, to the infinity of fish that have made the reef their home. The popular clown in their anemones, which even children recognize thanks to the film Finding Nemo, the surgeons of a thousand colors, crossbows and, of course, turtles, one of the encounters preferred by divers. Although, the star of the dives is, for the great majority, the whale shark. Swimming next to it is an unforgettable experience.

Maldives under the sea is a paradise. Going to discover it day by day is our passion and even more so when we can share this experience with other divers. That is why Submaldives was born ten years ago. A company founded by Hassan and Judith.

From the beginning we have been aware that the best option we could offer our guests to visit Maldives is a life boat on board. But we went further because we also knew that only being close to the divers can know their needs and give them an answer.

So each of us goes aboard one of the boats to comply with our philosophy, which is none other than to live the trip with our customers. Have a direct and narrow deal to make them feel for a few days that are part of paradise. And that also means that they find themselves at home, giving them the best care and services. Something we got thanks to our guides. There are Spanish, Italian, Chinese and, of course, local to take full advantage of cultural and linguistic exchange.

To enjoy our work and make it feel to those who accompany us on each cruise is the best reward for those who, like us, are lucky enough to feel passion for what they do.
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